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Dr. Anu and Children
steps until you reach Kopila

Appointment can be taken every day between 7.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. by simply calling Kopila Clinic at: (+977) 1-5542767 or by e-mailing at <info@kopilaclinic.com>.  We strongly urge you to schedule appointment prior to the visit and cancel if you can not make it.


coming to Kopila- LOCATION MAP


For those using public transport, the nearest bus stop is Pulchowk". For others, please park your car (free parking) in front of Lalitpur Municipality.

Client Registration (only for new clients)

You will be given few forms to fill out after arrival at the clinic.  Please allow about 20 minutes for registration process. You can also download three pages of this form by clicking the link: DOWNLOAD. Bringing the printed and filled out form will definitely save time!

What to expect

  • After registration, your child will undergo Anthropometric evaluation (height, weight, head circumference will be taken) by trained staffs of Kopila.
  • Your child will then be seen by the attending doctor.

For late comers

Please allow enough time for traffic jam, road strike, demonstration and any unexpected happenings in the city.  If you are late by more than 15 minutes, your turn will be taken up by next waiting client and you will have to wait for another empty slot.  This waiting period may vary from few minutes to an hour.

Please note that you must bring Kopila Medical Record Book on every visit. In case you forget to bring the Book, we encourage you to buy a new one before consultation. Without the Book, we will be unable to provide you any service.
Kopila remains open from 7.00 AM – 6.00 PM from Monday through Saturday. 





Health Information for Parents
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Health related information for parents


Kopila Clinic Publications for
Concerned Parents
 Kopila Clinic Proceedings - Kopila Clinic's monthly medical journal.
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Clinical Update - Trends in the practice of medicine at Kopila Clinic .
Dialogue - New programs and services at Kopila Clinic .
Communiqué - News about current tests, method changes and interpretive data from Kopila Medical Laboratories.
 Kopila Clinic Scientific Press - Medical and scientific publications from Kopila Clinic.

Our goal is to provide prompt service and the best care possible while preserving the integrity of our relationship with our clients. The very fact that we address all our patients as "clients" demonstrates  our commitment  of giving best available medical service.

Some of our satisfied clients in Nepal are:

  • United Nations Organization,
  • United States Embassy Health Unit
  • French Embassy
  • SAARC Secretariat
  • PSI
  • Dutch School
  • Qatar Airways

services at Kopila
Routine Checkups and Physical Exams
Laboratories Services
Development Assessment
Immunization services
Speech, hearing and vision test
Dental Checkups
Nutritional counseling
Health Education
Pharmacy Services
  Reference Service
Adult Vaccination Schedule
Service for Adoptive International Parents